L.A. magazine writer Chandler Mason thinks it will be fun to do a piece on a movie studio in southwest Texas, a state she has never visited. She is unprepared for the language, customs, and eccentricities of the characters she meets. But the son of the studio owner turns her world upside down.


Jim Brady has a hole in him no one can mend. Only his dad and best friend know how that hole was made, and they cannot help. At the point of death, Jim’s ghosts reappear.


And just when it couldn’t get any worse, it gets worse. There is darkness beyond a broken relationship. With survival on the line, Chandler delves deep in the heart.


A Hart for Two

A woman running from her powerful, racketeering, ex-husband promises to find her abused son a good father. When their train to Los Angeles stops at Alpine, Texas they witness a cowboy save a policeman from four attackers. The boy insists he wants the cowboy for a father. And a promise is a promise. Trying to get to the cowboy’s isolated ranch they cross an innocent-looking stream. But it is spring runoff. The strong current washes the woman and boy downstream. The cowboy’s lariat pulls the unconscious pair to safety. He takes them in and brings them back to health, but he wants the beautiful woman and her ten-year-old to leave. He has a past more terrible than theirs.

On the run, and she ran into him!

Harper witnesses a mobster murder, but will not agree to testify. For insurance, the mob kills her dog to keep her quiet. The wrong thing to do. Now, she is anxious for revenge. In the Witness Protection Program, the authorities move her from Philadelphia to a safe house in Coconino County, Arizona. There less than a day, she sees a man apparently beating a horse. She confronts him. The attraction of the two opposites is instantaneous. But remembering what happened to her dog, Harper blows her cover inadvertently to get the sheriff or the Humane Society to do something about the animal abuse. When she can get no action, she “rescues” the horse in question. But she does so in the midst of a local rustling spree. She is arrested and the news media makes her famous as the “queen of the horse thieves.”


Now in emergency mode to save her from a bullet to the head, the FBI temporarily places her with the man she so detests, the horse beater, Cody Chase. Living in the same house with a person she can’t stand and a person she is overwhelmingly attracted to is hell on earth, no paradise on earth—it’s both. After the storm of head-butting between two stubborn personalities, it seems that a truce is possible. But she is found by the mob. A hired professional wants her dead, but he’ll have to go over Cody Chase to get her. The inner-city orphan and the cowboy with a tour in Afghanistan take matters into their own hands.



Rast and the Cloth of Iron


It's hard being a superhero

A victim of bullying tricks his father into taking him on a construction job in Iraq. The fourteen-year-old accidentally obtains a cloth that protects the wearer from harm. Back in Glendale, California, with the help of a new girl at school, he finds the courage to defend the weak. Soon he will discover that powerful forces will do the unspeakable to acquire the cloth’s power. Help comes in the form of a mysterious order unknown to the outside world. But they can do little more than prepare him for what might come. In the end, it is up to him to prevent a war before it starts. Young Adult. Contains language and violence.



The House That Never Was


She looked into the Unknown, and It looked back.

Ireta Vaker always wanted to see into the unknown. On a spring break trip, she and three friends get the chance. They walk into a house with a violent love triangle history. Something long dead wants their living bodies. Now they can't get out, and they have run out of water. The next three days will be unrelenting horror.



A Fire Kindled: The Rise of Magda Goebbels


Surrounded by privilege and complemented with incidents of near disaster, Magda sets her talents in music and languages to become the most powerful woman in the Third Reich, placing power above friendship, family, and like Alberich in The Ring of the Nibelung, even love.


A Fire Kindled is a work of fiction. Though based on the life of Magda Goebbels it is a composite of several people, the psyche of a nation, and the consequences of choices. The author takes many liberties with persons, dates, and places. It is not history—it is not biography—it is not a romance in either love or medieval tale. It is a fictional story of how unchecked power and intellect can poison the soul of a nation as seen through the eyes of a woman and her son.


The book assumes a basic understanding of WWII on the part of the reader and the events leading to that conflict. No adjectives are wasted on commentary about the evils of the Nazis—how can words describe such deeds?—their actions speak for themselves.


Some sexual material—for mature readers only.



The Aegis

Cursed by an act of kindness.

Douglas Hebert acquires the Aegis, an artifact that shields the owner from harm. US Marshal, Juliet Massenet tries to stop the killing surrounding the relic. Events escalate until the Aegis attacks a Navy warship, thus bringing world attention. Hebert and Massenet have only days before it is too late, as the entity exacts a terrible price for its protection.


A buyer of imports is given a special gift as payment for an act of kindness. The artifact protects him from all harm. But after deaths of family and friends he must get away before others die. In desperation, he tries to rid himself of the curse, but the laws of science do not apply—something else is at work. Each effort to destroy the relic places his life and others in greater jeopardy. But he cannot die; the Aegis will not allow it. Instead, it exacts a terrible price: he will age to death in one year, and the Aegis will pass to another host. With the aid of a U.S. Marshal, who has tracked him as a fugitive in several strange deaths, he searches across the globe to find what will stop the killing. The aberrant happenings escalate until the Aegis attacks a Navy warship. This brings world attention and the involvement of a mysterious order that leads him to the final confrontation with the entity. Supernatural thriller. Adult content.

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