Short Stories

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An ATM gives away money in the middle of the desert. Voices come from a forgotten closet. When traffic in a rural village gridlocks, no one comes, no one goes. An infant learns a new word just in time. A super being demands veneration from the people of Earth. The ghosts of Compiende try for a repeat. She lives inside a star, he lives on an orbiting ship, they must complete each other. The meeting of a mysterious stranger causes a mean man to grow his happiness. A man can have imaginary sex with any female; he finds the wrong one. A stranger to town is mistakenly gunned down—a tree grows where he died. The people of Earth become obsessed with an addictive social website. As the bolt comes through a hole in the wall, he screws a nut on it, and it withdraws. A policeman on the roof of a building draws down on a mugging in the street below. As a last resort, a man in a totalitarian society tries humor. Though they don’t touch or speak, it doesn’t quail their desire. A man boasts that only God can publish his book. The wealthiest man in history wants to make life from lifelessness. He built her a swing using only love. He can’t understand what anyone says, but he is totally at their mercy. An aged computer gets a transmogrification. A man and woman cannot shake the feeling they are being watched. There is something in the water but he can’t see what. Gods are beyond understanding.

Long, Short, Sideways, & Other Dimensions

Eleven short stories of the inexplicable, including "The Conference of the Atoms" and "I see murder."

Cover photo: Eleven Dimensions by cassie taylor

At the End of the Road

Eleven short stories from rural America to the South Pacific to distant worlds, from today to the dim past, from ecstasy to destruction.


Short fiction



Short fiction: a novelette, five 14-word romances, three slices of flash fiction, and a screenplay.


In the novelette, Blood Stone, Judy, a full-blood Creek is a Ph.D. candidate in leukemia research. She goes along with her boyfriend and best-friends couple to search for the fabled treasure of De Soto. To her it is just a day outdoors, but she comes to realize that there is something in the woods that is not covered in any science text.


The screenplay, Terror Run, opens with a woman in a mountainous wilderness. She does not know her name or how she got there. But someone is stalking her. Leading her to a place of unspeakable horror. She finds out too late that there is something unworldly stalking her stalker.




The collection opens with a bartender fighting to defend a mysterious old man who comes in every day to the dark booth in the back.


The second story begins at 11 am during the dog days of summer, Lubbock, Texas. In a fit of rage, Jerry knocks his next-door neighbor over the guardrail of their fourth-floor apartments. He manages to catch on to the fallen man’s belt but slams against the metal barrier. Shirtless, with busted ribs, he is in agony, and his grip is failing.


In the next story, a professional cat burglar encounters the one person who can end his career.


A prisoner condemned to die uses his final request to distribute gifts to the firing squad is the fourth offering.


Finally, a former Korean War fighter pilot, now an old man, spends his first night as a watchman in a museum of flight. He discovers there are more occupants than the aged airplanes.