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Words Whisper, Actions Thunder

The Rope Exercise (without dialogue)

Words Whisper, Actions Thunder

Movement for actors

A practical guide to movement for actors of the stage and screen. The text begins with the basic elements and proceeds through advanced work. Designed for college-level work, it is also suitable for advanced high school programs. Contains photos, exercises, and sample movement pieces for performance.


E-book only.


Acting Your Way to Hollywood

A guide to transitioning from acting on the stage to acting in university, local, and independent films.


An irreverent and sometimes humorous study of acting in films. What to do before you get to Hollywood. Chapters on action, listening, comedy, voice, face, movement, and auditioning.


Includes exercises and scenes for practice.


Ebook and paperback.


Modern Fighting for Stage and Screen

Unarmed Fight

Out of Harm's Way, Volume I

Techniques and safety procedures for staging unarmed and firearms fights for plays and films. Detailed descriptions for executing punches, kicks, wards, throws, and falls. Firearm work includes safety, loading, stage business, and field striping.

Ebook only.



Sword Dueling for Stage and Screen

Small Sword

Out of Harm's Way, Volume II

Techniques for creating sword fights using rapier and dagger, single rapier, and small sword. Emphasis is placed upon principles of safety, blade work, and footwork.


Ebook only.


Medieval and Fantasy Fighting for Stage and Screen


Staff Fight

Out of Harm's Way, Volume III

Technique and choreography for broadswords, quarterstaves, and other medieval and fantasy weapons.


Ebook only.



Swords & Fists

Katana (with bokkens)

A manual for instructors of stage combat and serious students. Includes 435 exercises for class use, along with terms, photos and drawings, sample tests, and tips for teaching. The manual is a complement to the three books of the OUT OF HARM'S WAY series: Modern Fighting for Stage and Screen (Volume I), Sword Dueling for Stage and Screen (Volume II), and Medieval and Fantasy Fighting for Stage and Screen (Volume III).


Ebook only.





The 4 books of the series

Russ Normandy directed more than 90 stage plays and short films. He created the fights and stunts for over 300 plays and films, including 50+ professional and amateur productions of Shakespeare.